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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day two-Free day

Tuesday was my free day, and I wanted to sleep in, but ended up waking up a little earlier than I wanted to. While I was messing around on my computer though, I got a call from Casting. Believe you me, seeing a Florida area code on your phone, then hearing "problem" in the call is a scary thing! Luckily all they needed to do was get my fingerprints redone. So my friend Jessyka(Whom I finally met the night before! XD) came along with me to Casting, and we got it done quick and easy! We then went to Downtown Disney to look around, and I finally got to see Tren-D, the new teen oriented Disney store. It was amazing and there is a lot of things I loved in there! A lot was even pretty good prices too! We then went on a search for the bus stop that would take us back to the apartments. Finally we found it then went back to my apartment and had some food. Jessyka left to go change into nicer clothes for our trip to Epcot(she let me in with her maingate because we had a reservation at Les Chefs de France in the French Pavillion).

We got on the bus to Epcot and Jessyka and I realized that I couldn't get into park at the cast entrance where the bus would drop us off, because I didn't have my cast ID yet. We talked to the security guard when we got there, and she confirmed what we already knew, but she told us that we could walk to the front of the park from there, but that it was REALLY far. It was far, but it wasn't as far as she made it out to be. We did get really sweaty....eeewww! Ha ha! Anyways, we made it to the front and then had to walk clear to the French Pavillion in the World Showcase. We were a little early so we started walking to some of the other Pavillions. As we were walking, we saw the Beast coming out to do a meet and greet with Belle, so we got in line to meet them both! Belle saw my "first visit" button I was wearing and asked how I liked her castle so far. She was cute :D Jessyka and I got our picture taken with them. We also saw a belly dancer at the Morrocco Pavillion then went back to go to dinner.

Dinner was amazing! I ended up having salad, pasta with Guyiere(or something like that) cheese on top and a creamy sauce, and this clear lemonade that tasted like sprite(it was French). Jessyka had escargot and she loved it! While we ate a cast member came out with a cart and a silver platter with a silver lid on top. She opened the lid and there was Remy from Ratatouille chef hat and all! He was so cute and even moved and squeeked! It was definitely a magical moment! After dinner we walked down to the Germany Pavillion to take the boat across the Lagoon to leave the park. I came home and I was exhausted, so Brittney put in 17 again and we both fell asleep to it.


Angela said...

How fun! I want a picture with Belle! lol Before Mulan came out, she was my favorite princess. It's good to hear that you had fun though. :D That's always a good thing. ^_^

jessiebess said...

Mulan can be found in the China Pavillion! and Belle is a brunette! Which is so much better! ha ha!(meaning brunettes are the best) the guys i hang with here LOVE Belle

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