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Friday, August 14, 2009

Day One

So sorry guys that this post(and the others to follow) are so late! As you can imagine it has been such a crazy week! Anyways, Monday rolls around, and I am picked up at 7:30 by my roommate to be Brittney and her parents, and off we went to check in! We got there around 8 and they let us in at that time, which was an hour early. Brittney and I chose a two bedroom apartment at Chatham, and our roommates are Lauren from Texas and Amanda from Chicago. Lauren is in Merchandise like Brittney and I, and Amanda is a lifeguard! (Funny story, while Brittney was in line getting her parking sticker, one of the girls in line looked at my booklet and was all "Hey! I am your roommate!" It was pretty awesome!)

After Check-in(which for us went quick, because we were one of the first) we drove to our apartment! We chose our room, which we chose the one towards the front of the apartment, because the bathroom and closet are separate. After checking that out, we had to catch a bus to go to Casting where we got our paperwork done and learned our LOCATION! ha ha! I learned that my location is Fantasyland! I had really wanted that place, so I was more than happy! We had to get our fingerprints done and turn in papers and it was just a lot of lines and walking around this maze of a building, but let me tell you, the building was GORGEOUS! It is one of my favorite so far, but really, all of WDW is beautiful! Disney sure pays attention to details!

After Casting, we had a meeting at the IP(international program) housing The Commons, and they talked about the rules for housing and what can get you terminated. It wasn't a too bad meeting, it was just really cold! After the meeting, we came back and started unpacking. Brittney's parents had checked out of my hotel for me and brought all my luggage over too. My friend Jessyka came over to meet me officially, and to come shopping with me and Brittney. We went to Panda Express to eat and then shopping at Target. I got a lot of stuff, which makes me glad XD ha ha! We then came home and unpacked all of our stuff! Anyways that's day one for you all!


Anonymous said...

where and how did you get this fabulous layout for your blog!?

Angela said...

I'm glad to hear it went so well, other then the mishap with your fingerprints (which you texted me about). I hope that this will turn out to be a great experience for you. :D

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