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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Can you believe that it is only two weeks until I leave for Florida? In all reality it is even less time, because it is really now Monday(time wise). I can not wait to leave! I randomly go into bouts of excitement. At church, work, when I am with friends, they happen anywhere! I also get really nervous as well. Today I found out my possible location. I won't say it on here though...but in two weeks I will let you all know for sure where I am at. I'll just say that I am VERY pleased. :D Today I wrote down my packing list, and I went into detail, because I don't want to forget anything! I also made a list of things I need to buy. I want to start packing now, but my mom wants me to get my room cleaned first. I already feel like I have thrown away enough in my room, and that I will get to it after I return from Florida...though I guess we know that would not happen, so I might as well get it done now right? I go to Bear Lake this week with my singles ward. I am excited for that, but not as excited as I am for WDW. Bear Lake is one of my most favorite places to vacation, especially with the singles ward. This will be my third time going and hopefully not the last! The water is SO blue and this time of year it is pretty warm. Let's hope I don't get burned like I did last year!


Angela said...

Yes, let's hope you don't get burned. :P lol And hopefully sleeping on the floor won't be absolutely terrible for you either.

But I know you're excited for WDW and I hope you'll keep me updated on what happens there! :D I'm so excited for you. You'd better by me a souvenir! XD Just kidding.

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